Inexpensive, effective anti-aging secrets: Get them from the dollar store

Who recommends it?

Dr. Oz, who else? Not alone though; his good words are backed by expert dermatologists and here is a scoop on those secrets very few knew to exist in the dollar stores. You will – for sure – come out feeling like a million bucks.
The wizard named Oz

Little does he need an introduction, still; every moment new faces are coming up to try anti-aging products; for them, here’s little something on Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz.

This gentleman has an American/Turkish decent and is a well known cardiothoracic surgeon made popular by the television and also by his literary works. His appearance in the Oprah Winfrey Show (2004) paved his way for Larry King Live and then, for other TV programs.

So people generally do not put down all that he thinks to be good and blimey, some are real exotic ones! The Dr Oz Dollar Store Anti Aging Secrets are a value for money and roulette Dr. Audrey Kunin (an expert dermatologist) – this time – backs up the claim.

Targeting the hot zones:

The first one is invariably the epidermis – the outermost skin layer that turns dull and drab at the slightest influence of environmental factors. The end result is a blotchy complexion; yet, with a little bit of sense and sensibility, simple remedies can be fetched from the dollar store round the corner. In this case, exfoliation mitts go a long way; some even make use of canned pumpkin (unflavored pumpkin pie filling) for the alpha-hydroxy acid (the natural fruit acid) in it. Put it on the palms and rub it over the skin, allow it to stay for a few minutes and rub it off with the mitts. It will smooth the skin better than any of those expensive, bottled products.

Next, it’s the dermis – the deep vascular inner layer of the skin – its biggest problem being loss of collagen, leading to sagging. Dr Kunin’s recommendation on this is the vitamin C moisturizer at the dollar store, which can be any with ascorbic acid as one of the ingredients. Just once in the morning and that’s the skins entire day’s supply of collagen.
Shrunken lips are real party poopers, so to plump them up for the time being, there are lip applications containing Tribehenine to trap the moisture in. Dr Oz seems obsessed with these!

Finally, the facial muscles! These get big and bulky over time, but a cold compress using ginseng tea bags is far less painful than botox jabs. It moistens and cools and evens out crow’s feet, creases and lines better than cosmetics costing a fortune; that way, you also keep lines away not frowning over a shrinking purse or wallet.

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Anti aging Olay: The how-to of a proper usage

Anti-aging scene: Is Olay the final answer?

In today’s compact world, we don’t need reaching out far to get our queries answered; yet, there are certain things which lack a straightforward reply. The first on the list is invariably the beauty products and the adage one man’s meat… fits aptly here. The only difference is: It applies more to women than men.

The question centers around more on the new range of Olay Professional products; despite being unique in its every sense, these anti-ageing topical applications cannot be guaranteed to satisfy every person using them. A lot of that has got to do with the skin types; however, utmost care has been taken in the scientific researches towards the formulation of the Olay Professional range to meet individual demands as closely as possible. Therefore, let us consider the points one by one in an attempt towards drawing a conclusion on whether this range is really meant for you or otherwise.
Olay Professional: Evidences of efficacy

If we go by the claims of the Olay Professional Alliance for Skin Care Innovation, the evaluations by this group of independently-performing dermatologists from all over the globe matches those by Olay”s in-house group of scientists. The tests run are as rigorous as they can get for any clinical procedures and/or methodologies, the results being same, as reviewed by another set of independent experts prior to the products’ introduction to the market. All shows Olay Professional improving overall skin appearance by reducing fine lines, wrinkles and not-so-deep/prominent scars.

Adding value to vastitude

That’s to say, the tools of the trade is the accompanying hair & beauty gift guide, listing all possible ways to use the Olay Professional range for maximum outcomes. The first is – invariably – cleansing with the Exfoliating Cream Cleanser, to be used for once (max twice) a day; once in the morning and before going to bed.

The next step is targeting the fine lines and wrinkles with the Eye Wrinkle Complex; to be applied around the eyes immediately following the cleansing. A word of caution though; it is a highly concentrated formula and thus must not touch the lids. Depending on requirements it must be applied once or twice a day, mornings and early evenings.
For those really troubled with wrinkles, there’s the Deep Wrinkle Complex, another concentrated formulation for any area (except the eyelids) that has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. This must be followed up by either the Day Moisturiser or the Wrinkle Smoothing Cream as soon as the Deep Wrinkle complex has been absorbed.

For added protection of imparted effects, there’s the Age Defying Day Moisturizer (SPF30) to be uses daily; preferably in the mornings, on a clean and dried skin. However, for best results, it must be preceded by either the Deep Wrinkle Complex or the Eye Wrinkle Complex, depending on what’s affecting you the most.

Final conclusion:

The first step towards an effective anti-ageing treatment, this is must before you seek any professional help. Or, think it this way: The Olay Professional Anti-Wrinkle Kit is an anti-aging room service, irrespective of whether you have an extra oily or an extra dry skin.

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FDA resists sale of anti aging L’Oreal products

Where L’Oreal stands currently

Back in 2011, when the US anti-aging product market reached the $80 billion mark, Global Industry Analysts got quite hopeful about it growing to at least one and a half times by the time 2015 turns around. Now at the end of 2012, the U.S. market for skin care alone has reached the $20 billion mark and the new L”Oreal range of anti-aging creams contributes greatly to it. However, 60% of the global anti-aging product market is controlled jointly by the European and American manufacturers and the steady growth of around 10% is dominated by Estee Lauder and Allergan.

On the flip side:

Initially, the range was launched in the European and the U.K. markets despite L’Oreal feeling apprehensive of a stiff competition from Estee Lauder, a brand ruling the roost of the prestige/up-market anti-aging beauty products. Their fear turned out right upon facing a stiff competition from the European giant and it is the Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Creme from Estee Lauder to blame. The single, complete product for multiple skin-aging related problems gave L”Oreal SA a run for their money and their marketing copy did the rest. After all, who would go after a product that sounds more like a drug than cosmetic?

This is exactly what happened for the Lancome USA unit, which is a part of L”Oreal, France. The world”s biggest cosmetics group faced warnings from FDA for using languages like “boosts the activity of genes” and “stimulates cell regeneration”; for, slots it clearly implies a product capable of affecting the structure and/or functions of the human body. Anything doing that is a drug, so FDA’s issuing of a warning letter to Lancome USA is a justified action.

Complaints are against:

It would be wrong thinking FDA averse to the products itself; rather, it is targeted towards the marketing copies for being misleading to the masses. So L’Oreal need not go starting from the scratch; just fixing the claims made by the advertisements shall be enough to get their ball rolling once more.

A. Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate

    iv. Genifique Eye Concentrate
    v. Genifique Cream Serum
    vi. Genifique Repair Night Cream

B. Absolu’e Precious Cells (an advanced regenerating and reconstructing product series with sunscreen, SPF 15)

    iii. Absolute Eye.
    iv. Absolute Night

C. Renergie Microlift, Eye

    Praises go for:
    Revitalift from L”Oreal receieved accolades from first timers to seasoned anti-aging product users alike; in one word, it turned out simply great for both, granting the peace of mind to get a better sleep, which again complements the actions of the products. But then again, those with a sensitive skin might not like this L’Oreal product that much. The L”Oreal Advanced Revitalift Night Cream, despite being smoother than usual ones, does not give results as dramatic as it would on normal skin. The chief area it tends to irritate – in this case – is the skin around the eyes. And it worsens Eczema, so find out a gentler one if you think you have the problem.

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    Anti aging brands in india: Cold stats & harsh facts

    Analyzing a trend

    Like many other ancient civilizations, India lost its former glory of beautification measures until recent times, when Ayurveda is making a comeback into the mainstream and brands like Himalaya Herbals are giving the international brands – often times – a run for their money. Nevertheless, they are losing out in the long run with the consumers’ interests fading fast; despite the presence of a considerably large and loyal following (these are them whose inclination towards ayurveda is nothing less than religious bigotry), the brand seems to be losing out the race to Olay, L’Oreal, Lakme and the likes and price doesn’t seem to be a significant criteria. The dynamic Indian consumers – mostly young adults – are hell bent on getting fast results and shelling out a few extra bucks is not a big problem to them.

    From the horse’s mouth:

    It will be wrong to think it a habit only among the affluent; the fever Pa denne maten kan du l?re det grunnleggende i spillet uten a kaste penger ut av vinduet!Na haper vi at du har l?rt litt mer om bordsspillet blackjack casino og at du far nytte av vare tips nar du spiller blackjack casino pa nettet. has caught on among the middle-class Indians too. Euromonitor International reported (in 2011) the trend just heralds bigger opportunities in the days of future, even though it is in its nascent stage.

    The report reads: “Anti-ageing treatments are predicted to be the fastest growing facial care products in the review period. Such products would normally be associated with older people, but they are increasingly being used by younger consumers.” And that is strengthening further the Rs 1,200 crores Indian anti-ageing market; formerly dominated chiefly by fairness products from both the global and a few indigenous brands.

    What sells the most?

    Olay has been the trendsetter in the Indian arena, followed by Garnier and Pond’s. Olay’s Total Effects launch in 2007 was beyond doubt the industry’s turning point due to people buying big time the 7-signs of ageing concept. Working urban women with sufficient purchase power were a prospective market to tap and the careful observation has earned Olay almost 40% of the total market share.

    Who followed in?

    Other firms like Unilever and Garnier went into aggressive competitions to capture the remaining market; while Unilever armed itself with Ponds and Fair and Lovely (the two most prominent Indian brands in skin care), Garnier erected Chitrangada Singh and gave face to their anti-wrinkle products.

    The current scenario:

    Olay, Unilever and Garnier today dominate the premium (but affordable) market while Clinique, Estée Lauder and Clarins cater a niche clique. However, anyone looking for real upmarket stuff is advised to go for Lancome, with some of their products costing as high as $3 (INR 150) per ml. Now, that’s what we may call acting pricey!

    Else, settle for Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, GlaxoSmithKline, Glenmark and Ranbaxy, but they are more inclined towards the taking in than the putting on philosophy, which is appreciated more by men. All in all, wearing makeup never went down well amongst the bench-pressing gangs.

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    Anti aging spa treatments: What, when and where?

    Spas: An initial glimpse

    Ever since Spa became the synonym for refreshment/renewal/rejuvenation in urban vocabulary, the country witnessed them mushrooming anywhere there is a somewhat considerably affluent population. Targeted treatments aside, a day at the spa nowadays holds more significance for bringing together the well-to-do crowd who are reluctant to give up on the face of aging. This started a whole new trend – the anti-aging spas – most of which incorporate some serious skin-care regimen and medical and technological breakthroughs. Despite the debates on their efficacy and usefulness, it is beyond doubt that they are here to stay and the current state of affairs proves they are here to rule for long.

    Spas: A deeper look

    Let’s see what spa owners have to say about the trend. The owner (Diana Seo) of the B Spa Bar (Soho Grand Hotel, New York) revealed some of the inner news: “People no longer look at facials as massage for the face that gets circulation going; they expect hard-working and innovative ingredients that really make a difference in the skin. Facials that include vitamin C, probiotics, herbal extracts and any kind of stem cells are hugely popular right now.”

    Josie Feria (Director; Fontainebleau Lapis Spa, Miami) presented more comprehensive information on how to avail a spa service to derive maximum benefits. She broke things up according to the decades passed; what followed is a goldmine (in lack of better words); in other words, a guidebook to spa enthusiasts. According to her, anyone in his/her 20s shouldn’t bother with anything else than getting done facials regularly to help keep acne in control. This also improves the skin and keeps it from sagging. But as the 30s approach, so does fine lines and wrinkles; this is when antioxidant treatments (with Vitamins C and A) prepare you to handle the future days. In her own words: “Vitamins like C and A online casinos are especially key at this age.”

    As the 40s come around, it is time for oxygen facials to infuse moisture and vitamins, giving the skin a plumper and smoother appearance. It also imparts radiance, which is laying down the groundwork for the spa treatment someone would require in his/her 50s and beyond.

    Now comes micro-derm-abrasion, requiring medical-grade care and ingredients. The list comprises peptides and other collagen-boosters, but this is also when nothing holds unless a person also takes some initiative on a bit of self-care.

    That’s to say, sunscreen. It is essential to retain the goodness of:

    • DNA-derived damage reverser: An hour-long process providing intensive sun repair. Apart from the Fontainebleau Lapis Spa, it is offered at Pan Dei Palais” Valmont Spa (Saint-Tropez), concentrating specially on sensitive areas (e.g. neck, eyes and lips) that are neglected more often than not.
    • Full-body vitamin cocktail: A full-body, hour-long treatment with Vitamin C (also offered at The Spa at Camelback Inn; Scottsdale, Arizona) for the face, the body and the lips.

    The list goes on; all it takes is a little bit of perseverance and a dollar backup to stay young for the rest of your life.

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    Something often missed out in an anti aging documentary

    A thing about documentaries

    Watching documentaries was never considered an attractive habit, which kept it confined mostly within the elite circles. The trend remains more or less the same; however, there’s one exception been recently added.

    The change that came

    The new groups of viewers mostly comprise beauty-conscious women and men whose relentless persuasions towards anti-aging myths have earned legendary status; there are, however; a few who are just intrigued enough to opt for an anti-aging measure and checking out the best options.

    What’s next?

    Worry not; this is not trying to smear the anti-aging concept and its vehicles and users. It is just an attempt in examining some popular anti-aging therapies from multiple angles (it can’t be said all of them are pleasant, but nevertheless objective) and answering questions on the uses, types and effects of the anti-aging measures.

    On anti-aging documentaries

    Most of the anti-aging documentaries showcase extremely satisfied hGH users who are overwhelmingly positive about the whole anti-aging experience. Where are them, the grumpy lot who gained nothing or the negatives? Without that, it is – if not impossible, then next to it – broadening the range of anecdotal evidences. Every bit of info put in helps.
    The documentary makers also forget to put in the single most important step in any anti aging therapy, which is the way a person should keep blood glucose levels under control. Else, hGH or other anti-aging treatments – topical or invasive – won’t bring much good. In short, being careful of what you eat and when makes a large difference in staying and looking young. It’s surprising the way experts miss out on it, but perhaps that’s because there’s nothing that can be pinned or tagged as eating correctly. Eating potatoes, for example; there are multiple mixed views on it. There is; however, eating right – which is, maintaining the gaps and the calories.

    Those familiar with the name of fitness legend Jack LaLanne (nicknamed Godfather of fitness) and his series of exercise programs on the online casino television (this was 1950s) grasped the blood glucose maintenance part instantly; others, you may check out How to Live Forever (by Mark Wexler and Robert DeMaio). Apart from Jack LaLanne, there is also an entire array of celebrities, centenarians, Laughter Yoga practitioners, health care professionals and scientists whose contemplations on anti-aging technology and its impact on average lifespan makes a viewer quite hopeful about keeping escaping death longer. American sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury is also a part of the eclectic array, to whom, growing old is nothing more than – “…collecting truths along the way.”

    However, the star of this documentary is indeed one Pierre Jean Buster Martin, a 104-year-old beer drinker with a chain-smoking habit. All through his life he was on beer, cigarettes and red meat (no tea, dairy or fish); cleaned vans for Pimlico Plumbers (SE London) and ran the London Marathon. He is no more, though, but carried on with his work till the 12th of April, 2011, had beer, went home and passed out the same night.

    Others among the featured people are Jonathan Gold (a food critic and a Pulitzer Prize winner writing for LA Weekly who thinks diet restrictions are goofs); laughter enthusiast Dr. Madan Kataria (also called the Guru of Giggling), Eleanor Wasson (a centenarian sharing her habits of drinking vodka every night) and Pico Iyer (a British novelist, essayist and travel writer, contributor for Time, National Geographic and the New York Times).

    So what is it?

    Don’t expect this documentary to be a ‘how to’ guide on anti-aging; it just puts some light on the different philosophies and perspectives that leads to a long, strong and healthy life.

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    Anti aging commercials: Is the No.7 hype unjustified?

    Centering on the theme:

    Commercials on anti-aging skin care products make them look like the next best thing to the Gods’ nectar of immortality but most users stay affright while eyeing every new swarm of skin tightening or wrinkle-removers. For some, it’s the price; for others, efficacy. So, the No7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum anti-aging commercial stresses on showing both studies and theories behind stimulating fibrillin-1 production to promote elasticity in skin.

    What it shows:

    Results from a 12-month clinical trial on wrinkles and regular sun damage on 60 volunteers – 11 men and 49 women; aged 45 to 80 years – as compared to a placebo-controlled group of equal strength. 42 out of the first group had significantly fewer wrinkles after 12 months of daily use compared to volunteers using the placebo. It also shows how it differs from prescription retinoids and how rigorous the scientific trials have been. Standard scientific protocols don’t ensure that much.

    The commercial tries to establish No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum as the beginning of the newer-age topically applicable anti aging products but another careful look before shelling out the big bucks.

    Reading about it:

    The No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum earned quite a few accolades on and counting. There are plenty glowing customer comments. There’s a free super-saver shipping offer and that makes the price bearable enough to afford.

    It seems from abundant unciescasino comments like Love it and awesome that the serum fits snugly into a budget skin care program. That might mean discarding a couple of them from what you use already, so you pack the price for two or three into one. It replaces sunscreen for sure. The one-ounce bottle lasts up to 3 months for some. That makes for some additional causes to rejoice.

    What dissent people say?

    Certainly not the next best thing after the wheel, the engine between the two and sliced bread; some plain complaint on the way it feels on skin. Comments go from crazy criticisms on the overall ingredient list to the benefits of adding a few more cosmetically approved items in the formulation. Shockingly, all these are far from being natural, less organic. In short, they are iffy ingredients.

    Final thoughts

    The anti aging commercial is successful in creating intrigue, so the Amazon page received a visit. But its creators emphasized enough on things to make it just a directive commercial. There are, though, no statistics on how many viewers finally turned into customers. That’s some tough math.

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    Anti-aging CBS news: Everything good is not L’Oreal

    Everything in short

    FDA’s warning letter to L’Oreal led to some serious wrinkles on the reputation (and also on the foreheads of the company’s honchos) of the Lancome cream products and the accusive statement reads – “…are intended to affect the structure or any function of the human body”. That turns the cosmetics to drugs (ref: Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act) and as the rules go in USA, selling drugs without an approval from the FDA is inexcusable, especially when the labels read ‘Boosts the activities of genes’ and ‘improves the condition of stem cells’ to stimulate cell regeneration.

    What all faced the wrath?

    A. Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate

    • Genifique Eye Concentrate
    • Genifique Cream Serum
    • Genifique Repair Night Cream

    B. Absolute Precious Cells (an advanced regenerating and reconstructing product series with sunscreen, SPF 15)

    • Absolute Eye.
    • Absolute Night
      C. Renergie Microlift, Eye

    Any reactions, L’Oreal?

    Rebecca Caruso, the L’Oreal spokeswoman told Wall Street Journal about responding to the FDA’s regulatory concerns within some time.

    What all have been okayed?

    • Olay Pro-X : Been rated the best eye cream by the Good Housekeeping Lab (at Mt. Sinai); tests showed nothing reduces under-eye wrinkles and laugh lines better. The lab also tested a few more and they are as follows.
    • L’Oreal Paris Advanced RevitaLift Deep Set Wrinkle Repair: Rated the best in the Night Cream category. Most effective in reducing wrinkles on the forehead.
    • Chanel Ultra Correction Lift-Lifting Firming Day Cream: Rated the best moisturizer (but only if you can afford at a stretch), it has been found to be the next best treatment available for sagging jaw-lines after plastic surgery, thanks to the neuro-peptide serum.
        …and the crown goes to Resveratrol!

        It’s the extracts found in capsules, though; not the stuff as found normally in red wines; for compared to the research data on mice, humans would require around a hundred glasses to see the same effects.

        Resveratrol acts on the SIRT1 gene (the gene controling cellular functions and longevity) to slow down aging (not reversing it, as many thinks it to be). But the fallacy is, you also need a high-fat diet to extract the benefits of Resveratrol completely, which lifts the fog from the French Paradox. It is no more a wonder that French people – in general – look younger than their actual age despite stuffing themselves with calorie-rich foods.

        What’s for the future? We may anticipate all these findings culminating to a single, effective formula that’s good to eat or pleasant to apply. Till then, carry on with whatever been laid down so far, in the above paragraphs.

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        Clearing out of anti-aging myths

        Spinning yarns for self-care

        Rumors sell more than facts, at least, in the anti-aging domain. So, anything featuring names you would require a medical dictionary to find the meaning off sold by dozens, until recently, people started growing skeptic and cautious. However, speaking of the majority, they are still living in a fool’s paradise relying on anti-aging myths and waiting for the next big breakthrough to solve all their problems.

        Deceptions and fabrications

        • Wrinkles- The legacy of dry skin: This is something the anti aging industry wants us to believe; in reality, wrinkles are brought forth by factors like sun damage, muscle movements, lack of estrogens and also, fat depletion. Dry skin just gives them prominence, so, while moisturizers add more life to dry skin and soften wrinkles, they are really not a treatment for warding them off. Also, fine lines are not wrinkles and moisturizers do not eliminate them as well.
        • Age-specific skin-care products: Skin problems arise due to a lack in its natural components, which always doesn’t depend on age. It’s not mandatory for oily skin to turn dry with age; what bring the changes and associated conditions are the various environmental factors and induced deficiencies of vital body components due to unhealthy lifestyles and dietary patterns.
        • Eye creams an absolute fix for puffy eyes: Yes, and also for sagging skin, dark circles and every other thing that spoils the way your face looks. Such goes the claims, but it is sun damage and lack of sleep that creates those problems. Most of such products are meant for night-use, so where’s the Sun when it’s nearing the late hours?
        • Acne and wrinkles never occur together: We love to believe in that, but acne is as much a problem with some adult women as it is with teenagers. This is because women”s hormonal levels fluctuate through their entire life. So bumps can online casino come up on wrinkled skin and that needs to be flattened out prior to your application of the anti-wrinkle (read: absurd) formulation and anti-acne ingredients never change with age.
        • Skin-care synonymous to cosmetic corrections: Either you are naïve or you lack judgment. Had it been, the world wouldn’t have dermatologists, plastic surgeons and the rest at your service. The thing is: skin care products may bring a quick recovery or make the results better; they won’t grow you an entire patch of skin the way skin-grafting does it. Period.
        • Special ingredients: There’s no such special ingredient that shall turn crepe to silk; it all depends on how well your body can supply your skin all its requirements and keep up against cell damages and dead skin cell removal.
          Is there anything left?

        Lots, because only genius has its bounds; not stupidity. So tons of money get spent on the belief that more expensive a product is, the better; so would you really like going for something with water and wax written in French rather than in plain English, paying almost double for it?

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        Anti aging obsession: Desires heightened to insanity

        An obsession and a dream

        Man’s obsession with science fiction is an age old one. Needless saying it being an inspiration to many of today’s achievements, airplanes and computers being burning examples. However, there are also examples of science fiction not being able to make it up to the mark in the world of realities and perhaps nothing proves it more than the budding anti aging industry. Man’s quest for an eternal life seems to be facing greatly certain questions and the answers are often less than satisfactory.

        But it is in our inherent nature to fight back; so anti aging obsessions are reaching staggering heights, a little more every passing day. We dream of reaching the targets soon.

        Heights of obsession

        Cryogenics. It would have been better leaving off at that; however, there are a few people who would go to the end of the world to find an explanation. To save you from the hardships, it is studying the phenomena that occur at very low temperatures. In the antiaging arena, it is about cell metabolism and theoretically, it is about being frozen while alive and never really dying at all; it is kind of walking the fine line between life and death.

        The process seems to be a one-way ticket to an Engineered Heaven where every entity lives forever, thus breaking the natural order of things. Is this man’s natural inclination towards control? For, once it becomes a reality, it will ensure that humans will age 16 hours every day, thus growing old 4 months less every year. That makes 300 months in an entire lifetime (75 years, on an average), that is, you’ll age 25 years lesser. If that’s to be put in marketing copies, it will be something like – “Look 25 years younger!” The fallacy is: The benefits of such a measure won’t count much unless you are at least on the latter half of 40.

        Anti aging obsessions as we know them now

        • Botox: This is plain self-hurting for a better look. You paralyze facial muscles to stop them from contracting and thus helping the facial skin to stay stretched, but such is the obsession of people towards looking good, they forget the chemicals poisonous nature and interfering with neural procedures.
        • HRT: Any more or any less of it and you could be facing a great deal of music. HRT is recommended by medical professionals when a clinical diagnosis proves its hormone shortages; enhancing a particular trait (or more) by pushing in hormones more than the required quantities is often like sailing in a dinghy on a sea of troubles. Once your boat capsizes, you can’t do much about climbing back onboard.
        • Resveratrol: No, this didn’t hype public obsession for red wine; instead, it made the compound’s lab-formulated version sell like hot cakes. And all that because of its load of antioxidants, which definitely improved overall health and living for lab-animals. But when it comes to humans, the results are not at all that satisfactory. Relating the French Paradox to lab generated Resveratrol and sticking to it is not only obsessive, but foolish. And we think grown-ups do not believe in fairy tales?
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